For honoring the ethical values of confidentiality and professionalism as you may also wish, there is nothing to be displayed here because details and problems of my clients are treated as very confidential.  
Thank you all.


Am committed to giving you quality services and i guarantee you 100% confidentiality. 

Fix my marriage

December 15, 2016




I just had my reading and had my marriage fixed by Chief Tonga and I am absolutely amazed. He knew what I was inquiring about and knew details without me saying a word. This is something I believe in very much and I have come across many that have just said what needs to be said and to say work needs to be done for money. That is not the case with Chief Tonga


, he truly has his clients best interest at heart. He is the real deal !! There is no way he could know the things he did, about the situation I was inquiring about and other things not to do with the situation I was inquiring about. An amazing energy !! Thank you very much.

Djinn powers worked for me

October 19, 2015

My businesses Had failed for so long .when l consulted Chief Tonga every thing was fixed with the powers of Djinn Now am Ok 

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This has been an ancient practice, though not scientifically proven it has helped many people. Depending on individual circumstances and conditions you may be among the beneficially. Also The Law requires that I must state that all paranormal / metaphysical items are for entertainment purposes only & You must be 18 years of age or older to buy.

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